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In the realm of construction, the usage of materials like asbestos has significantly dwindled due to rigorous safety regulations. Nonetheless, these materials can still be found in older structures in Grand Junction. At Asbestos Professionals LLC, we are pioneers in asbestos removal and their corresponding abatement services. Our expertise extends but is not limited to popcorn ceiling removal, vinyl flooring removal, tile flooring removal, transit siding removal, boiler removal, and more. Ensuring the safety of Grand Junction properties is our prime objective, and we are equipped to meet your unique needs.

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Unrivaled Asbestos Abatement and Testing In Grand Junction

At Asbestos Professionals LLC, our crew is adept at ensuring safe asbestos abatement, testing, and removal in Grand Junction residences and businesses. Our technicians are trained and certified, strictly adhering to EPA, State of Colorado, and OSHA directives. We emphasize a thorough examination of your property, even the concealed sections, to ascertain and deal with any asbestos presence.

Secure Your Grand Junction Establishment From Lead Hazards

Discovering lead in your Grand Junction property? Seek our lead abatement services immediately. Our protocols ensure lead is either completely eliminated or safely sealed. We adapt our approach based on your property's specifics while strictly adhering to the essential safety benchmarks of Grand Junction.

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Versatile Abatement and Hazardous Material Removal in Grand Junction

In Grand Junction, it's not just the old edifices that might be housing asbestos and lead. Our extensive experience has shown that these materials can be found in various scenarios. We are RRP-certified by the EPA and prepared to handle:


For those seeking top-tier environmental remediation and hazardous material management, Asbestos Professionals LLC is your premier choice in Grand Junction, CO. Our skilled technicians, armed with the highest safety standards, guarantee a safe environment for your property. Reach out today for trustworthy services in Grand Junction, CO.

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