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Asbestos Professionals were as their name implies, they were very professional. They kept us informed of what needed to be done, how they would do it, and when they would do it. They were true to their word. The explained the process and elevated our concerns. They even put extra guys on our project so we could move back home sooner. The owners were involved thru the process and even stepped in a helped get the work done. I would recommend this company to anyone. Great bunch of guys.


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great work

Top Notch

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If you’re calling for assistance with an asbestos issue you’re likely starting off the conversation more than a little anxious. Fortunately for us, Alfonso, Joseph and the rest of the guys at Asbestos Professionals are not the kind of people who are there to play off those emotions and take advantage of an unfortunate situation. As a matter of fact, they immediately worked to allay our fears, objectively assess our situation and construct a viable solution to quickly resolve the problem. Every aspect of the project was done with a high degree of care, not only for our home, but also for their employees and their reputation as professionals. To that pointe, they worked diligently to keep our project on schedule (even ahead of schedule), kept the project on budget, kept us clearly informed of their daily progress and just as importantly, took sincere care to ensure our family could get back into our home with as little disruption as possible. We honestly can’t thank everyone at Asbestos Professionals enough. They are truly some genuinely nice guys who take pride in the work they do. Their top notch customer service, competitive pricing and overall work ethos is 100% on pointe which makes it easy to highly recommend these guys without hesitation.
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